Platelet Rich plasma (PRP) is the portion of blood that is recovered once red blood cells and larger white blood cells (granulocytes) have been removed. This plasma fraction contains platelets and smaller white blood cells (monocytes) which play a very important role in normal tissue healing and regeneration. Platelets are tiny cell fragments that contain a high concentration of growth factors within their cytoplasmic granules. Given the appropriate stimuli, platelets’ are activated and release these cytoplasmic granules. The growth factors contained within these granules are the signaling molecules that “order” cells to start growing and proliferating, and also attract other necessary cells to the site, essentially initiating the healing process.

Since doctors and scientists alike have been able to isolate and utilize the remarkable healing properties of PRP, the approaches to health and wellness have changed drastically. PRP therapy has been implemented in treating various conditions including musculoskeletal injuries, hair loss, and has also established itself in Aesthetics. Stem cell therapy is very often combined with PRP as the consequent growth factors contained within the plasma provide the necessary cues, signals, and micro-environment for the stem cells to grow and proliferate, ensuring the best possible outcome for the patients.