Regenerative medicine is aimed at restoring the normal function of organ systems by repairing or replacing damaged cells or tissues. Stem cells or progenitor cells are found throughout the human body and act as an inherent repair system for various organ systems, replenishing adult tissues on a daily basis. These cells exist as undifferentiated or “non-specific, immature” cells and have the ability to self-renew via mitosis (i.e. increase in number via cell division thus expanding the innate stem cell pool) and also to differentiate into more specialized or “mature” cell types depending on their external environment. Due to these characteristics, the regenerative properties of stem cells have become an exceptional research and therapeutic tool and promises immense future therapeutic potential.

ReGenesis is a Bio-Medical facility aimed at combining advanced medicine with medical sciences to provide revolutionary therapy within the field of Regenerative Medicine. Our team of experts is committed to provide safe and effective treatment options, while keeping up to date with the latest advances in worldwide research and technology. Our goal is to set high research standards, maintaining integrity and dignity throughout.